Current Projects   


Here are a few projects that I am very excited about. Don't miss out the linked content to learn more. If you would like to get involved as a researcher or participant, please reach out!



Health records are a vital tool to documenting and managing a patient's medical care. In some parts of the world, we know patients can access them freely via online patient portals. Our knowledge, however, is limited to Northwestern Europe and North America. Can you help us map the state of health records around the globe?

The Pain Net

CI, Screening & Extraction

Should you take paracetamol for your chronically cranky back? Should you treat depression for the benefit of fibromyalgia pain? Is acupuncture a better analgesic than placebo? These and many other questions can be answered through network meta-analysis where we will examine the evidence of different pain interventions for chronic primary pain.


Mental Health X

Open Notes


Did you ever wonder whether the doctor really understood you? What will they write in your medical record after your visit? Open notes is a movement that says you don't need to jump through hoops to learn what is part of your medical history. Here, we researched what healthcare professionals and researchers think open notes can do for your mental health.