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White Abstract

  Health Records in Clinical Practice & Education   

1.  Kharko A, Blease C, Johansen M, Moen A, Salmi L, Scandurra I, McMillan B, Hägglund M (2024) Mapping Patients’ Online Record Access Worldwide: Preliminary Results from an International Survey of Healthcare Experts. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 310, 114 - 118

2.  Blease C, Kharko A, Dong Z, Jones R, Davidge G, Hägglund M, Turner A, DesRoches C, McMillan B (2024) Experiences and opinions of general practitioners with patient online record access: an online survey in England. BMJ Open, 4(1), e078158

3.  Bärkås A, Kharko A, Åhlfeldt RM, Hägglund M (2021) Patients' Experiences of Demanded Access to Online Health Records. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 310, 1424-1425

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5.  Kujala S, Simola S, Wang B, Soone H, Hagström J, Bärkås A, Hörhammer I, Cajander Å, Fagerlund AJ, Kane B,  Kharko A, Kristiansen E, Moll J, Rexphepi H, Hägglund M, Johanses MA (2023) Benchmarking usability of patient portals in Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 105302.

6.  Bärkås A, Kharko A, Blease C, Cajander Å, Johansen Fagerlund A, Huvila I, Johansen M, Kane B, Kujala S, Moll J, Rexhepi H, Scandurra I, Wang B, Hägglund M (2023) Errors, Omissions and Offences in the Health Record of Mental Healthcare Patients: Results from a Nationwide Survey in Sweden. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 25:e47841

7.  Meier-Diedrich E, Davidge G, Hägglund M, Kharko A, Lyckblad C, McMillan B, Blease C, Schwarz J (2023) Changes in Documentation Due to Patient Access to Electronic Health Records: Protocol for a Scoping Review. JMIR Research Protocols, 12(1) e46722

8.  Hägglund M, Kharko A, Hagström J, Johansen M, Kujala S, Ross P, DesRoches C, NORDeHEALTH (2023) How can patients be in control of their healthcare if they are not in control of their online health information? Fast Track to Vision 2030, 33-37

9.  Bärkås A, Kharko A, Åhlfeldt RM, Hägglund M (2023) Patients' Experiences of Unwanted Access to Their Online Health Records. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 302, 356-357

10. Hagström J, Blease C, Kharko A, Scandurra I, Hägglund M (2023) Adolescents Identifying Errors and Omissions in Their Electronic Health Records: A National Survey. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 302, 242-246

11.  Simola S, Hörhammer I, Xu Y, Bärkås A, Johansen Fagerlund A, Hagström J, Holmroos M, Hägglund M, Johansen M, Kane B, Kharko A, Scandurra I, Kujala S (2023) Patients’ Experiences of a National Patient Portal and Its Usability: Cross-Sectional Survey Study. JMIR, 25, e45974

12.  Blease C, Torous J, Dong Z, Davidge G, DesRoches C, Kharko A, Turner A, Jones R, Hägglund M, McMillan B (2023) Patient Online Record Access in English Primary Care: Qualitative Survey Study of General Practitioners’ Views. JMIR, 25, e43496

13.  Kharko A & Hägglund M (2022) Nocebo effects from clinical notes: reason for action, not opposition for clinicians of patients with medically unexplained symptoms. BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics

14.  Blease C, Kharko A, Hägglund M, O'Neill S, Wachenheim D, Salmi L, Harcourt K, Locher C,  DesRoches CM (2021) The Benefits and Harms of Open Notes in Mental Health: A Delphi Survey of International Experts. PLOS ONE16(10): e0258056

15.  Blease C, Torous J, Kharko A, DesRoches CM, Harcourt K, O'Neill S, Salmi L, Wachenheim D, Hägglund M (2021) Preparing Patients and Clinicians for Open Notes in Mental Health: A Qualitative Inquiry of International Experts. JMIR Mental Health8(4):e27397

* Authors contributed equally.

Mirror Reflection


 AI/ML in Clinical Practice & Education   


1.  Blease C, Kharko A, Bernstein M, Bradley C, Houston M, Walsh I, Mandl K (2023) Computerization of GPs’ jobs: A Mixed Methods Survey of Final Year Medical Students in Ireland. JMIR Medical Education, 9:e42639

2.  Blease C, Kharko A, Bernstein M, Bradley C, Houston M, Walsh I, Hägglund M, DesRoches C, Mandl K (2022) Machine learning in medical education: a survey of the experiences and opinions of medical students in Ireland. BMJ Health & Care Informatics, 29:e100480

3.  Blease C, Kharko A, Annoni M, Gaab J, Locher C (2021) Machine Learning in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Education: A Mixed Methods Pilot Survey of Postgraduate Students at a Swiss University. Frontiers in Public Health, 9:623088.

4.  Blease C, Kharko A, Locher C, DesRoches CM, Mandl KD (2020) US primary care in 2029: A Delphi survey on the impact of machine learning. PLOS ONE15(10): e0239947.

Light and Shadow

                     Chronic Pain                   

1.  Koechlin H, Kharko AY, Probst T, Pradela J, Buechi S, Locher C (2021) Placebo Responses and Their Clinical Implications in Fibromyalgia: A Meta-Analysis Using SSRI and SNRI Trials. Frontiers in Pain Research, 2:750523

2.  Korwisi B *, Barke A *, Kharko AY *, Bruhin C *, Locher C *, Koechlin H * (2021) Not really nice: A commentary on the recent version of NICE Guidelines [NG193] by The Pain Net. PAIN Reports, 6(4): e961

3.  Kharko AY, Furlong PL, Hall SD, Roser ME (2021) Continuous pain report demonstrates time delay of pain ratings in Fibromyalgia. medRxiv

* Authors contributed equally.


                     Anxiety & Pain                  

1.  Kharko AY, Hansford KJ, Furlong PL, Hall SD, Roser ME (2020) The Anxiety and Pain of Fibromyalgia Patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic. medRxiv

2.  Kharko AY, Hansford KJ, Klein FB, Furlong PL, Hall SD, Roser ME (2020) The role of anxiety in the perception of pain: exploring the cumulative & temporal mechanisms of hypercapnic analgesia. bioRxiv

White Feather


1.  Hudson M, Nicholson T, Kharko A, McKenzie R, Bach P (2021) Predictive Action Perception from Explicit Intention Information in Autism. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

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